Hourly Comic Day 2012

This is the first year I've remembered it's Hourly Comic Day before its already been half over, so I thought I'd give it a go!

I'll upload the rest either later tonight, or tomorrow!


One Hundred Days - Day One Hundred!

Bloody hell. 100 days already? Where did the time go?
I had the idea for this one last week. Unfortunately it hasn't come out anything like I wanted it to. Its still quite cool though.
My favorite bit is the robot from day 91 finally flying. He looks so happy.

Quite a few times over the last 100 days, I've happily finished a picture, uploaded it onto twitpic and posted it on twitter, only to then notice something thats not quite right or could be slightly improved. However, I've resisted the urge to fix it, and stuck to the idea that the twitpic uploaded picture is the final one. Until today. When I realised I'd left out The Thing That Lives in My Room.
So enjoy this Director's (Blogger's?) Cut of my final #100days pic!

I have also decided I'm going to continue doing a daily drawing. I've definately improved over the last few months, and so has my confidence. Plus it's so much fun!
I probably will miss a few days, like when I'm too busy, way too tired, or just can't think of anything, but I will endevour to do more days than I miss.

One Hundred Days - Day Ninety Nine

The penultimate day! And one last picture of Frankie before we finish.

Regular blog readers (if there are any) may recognise that this one is based on the rejected picture from day 43, after the camera refused to focus properly.

One Hundred Days - Day Ninety Eight

The classic spacemen cross many strange and dangerous landscapes on their mission.

I kinda wish I'd included Space Moose in this one too....

One Hundred Days - Day Ninety Seven

Whoops. Looks like someone forgot they were set to 'vibrate'.

One Hundred Days - Day Ninety Six

And here we reach the eleventh, and final, (so far) Doctor. Comparing him to William Hartnell from day 4, I have definately improved. still can't seem to get feet right though...

So far Matt Smith looks like he's going to be a great Doctor. Only a few weeks to go til we find out...

One Hundred Days - Day Ninety Five

Another Doctor. This time Doctor number ten. He seems to be giving a really sexy look there and I'm not sure how it happened as the figure I used for reference definately wasn't.

One Hundred Days - Day Ninety Four

This guy is still here! He's not too bad if you leave him alone, but he can be annoying at times. I haven't even had a chance to read those Green Lantern books myself yet.

One Hundred Days - Day Ninety Three

Dan gave me a list of random suggestions for something to draw. One of them was 'a chicken'. This is what appeared.

One Hundred Days - Day Ninety Two

Space Moose and the classic spacemen meet at last. It was destiny.

One Hundred Days - Day Ninety One

This was another one that pretty much just appeared in my head, fully formed, and I just had to sketch him out. Love this guy. He's so cute, but will he ever get off the ground?

One Hundred Days - Day Ninety

I really don't know what my brain was doing today, but never mind. Here is SPACE MOOSE! Such a simple idea, yet it reeks of pure genius.

One Hundred Days - Day Eighty Nine

At last we're back to the Doctors! Quite pleased with how this one came out, but his head seems to be too small for his body...


One Hundred Days - Day Eighty Eight

Hmm...what with getting the blog up to date with my 100 days pictures, its got a bit late to be thinking of ideas for drawings and then drawing anything half decent, so here's a picture of Frankie in his favourite spot. Well...second favourite after sleeping in my hood.

Its a terrible picture of me though...

Back to drawing tomorrow. Maybe even a Doctor.

One Hundred Days - Day Eighty Seven

Today the classic spacemen were gathering supplies for their mission. I love this picture. and apparently someone at 100days HQ does too!

The classic spacemen seem to be really popular. They always get the highest view count the fastest on twitpic.

One Hundred Days - Day Eighty Six

Thanks to Green Wing, I can still remember the names of the bones in the head, all these years later; Frontal, parietal, occipital, zygomatic, sphenoid, temporal, mandible, maxilla, vomar, nasal. Not sure on spelling

Just remember "foreign polititians often zing stereotypical tunes, mayday, mayday, venesuela, neck."

One Hundred Days - Day Eighty Five

I've been meaning to draw my good friend Hogie for weeks. Here she is at long last. Really happy with how this turned out.

One Hundred Days - Day Eighty Four

More Doctor Who-ness, but not a Doctor. Instead its one of my favourite old-time villains, an Ice Warrior. Please, Mr Moffat. Isn't it about time we saw these guys again?

One Hundred Days - Day EightyThree

After scrapping the planned sequel to yesterday's Random Robot, I did a very quick drawing of a very slow animal.

One Hundred Days - Day Eighty Two

Random Robot time. I'm pretty pleased with this one too, it came out more or less exactly how I envisioned it.

As a bonus, heres the sequek I originally did for day 83, but decided was crap, scrapped, and started again with a brand new idea instead.

One Hundred Days - Day Eighty One

I've been watching a lot of Ghibli films recently, so here's one of my favourite characters. Everyone loves Totoro. And I don't think this drawing of him could have come out any better.

One Hundred Days - Day Eighty

I haven't been having a great week. Been feeling a bit depressed again. So tonight I went to the pub with Mark and Mary-Anne and this, and the half that swiftly followed, made me a little too tipsy to draw.

Yes, I am a lightweight. But in my defense, cider does go to your head pretty quickly, especially if you drink it fast.

One Hundred Days - Day Seventy Nine

Another Doctor, and another without a figure to use for reference. However I am MUCH happier about how this one came out than Sylvester McCoy. Maybe even better than Colin Baker too.
Paul McGann is who I officially name as the first Doctor I saw. I clearly remember watching it one weekend afternoon in 1996, and loving every minute of it. Although it wasn't until it came back in 2005 that I became properly obsessed...
I know the 1996 TV movie gets a lot of stick, and now that I've seen every episode ever I can see why, but it still holds a place in my heart, and despite the slightly dodgy storyline, Paul is still a brilliant Doctor and one of my favourites. His Big Finish audio plays are great too...heres hoping we'll get to see him on screen again....one day....

One Hundred Days - Day Seventy Eight

Josie Long* declared that this week was Plagiarism Week, where, if we chose to, we could take someone elses 100days pledge and either incorperate it into our own, or do theirs instead. So I chose my good friend Derwent.
Derwent frequently asks me for ideas for what to do for his pledge to work towards producing a comic. I'm not sure why, as he knows his comic much better than I do. However, Day 67 was one day where Derwent actually listened to my idea. However, he got it completely wrong.
So for my plagiarism pic, I stole back my idea, to show the world how it SHOULD have been done.

*Can I just take this moment to reveal that I actually love Josie Long? She's adorable! Whenever she's on I just want to hug her.

One Hundred Days - Day Seventy Seven

Another random animal today; a walrus. (carpenter not pictured, anyone caught making references to a bukkit will be shot)

One Hundred Days - Day Seventy Six

Another Doctor at last! Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor. Technically the first Doctor I ever saw, as he regenerates at the start of the 1996 TV Movie.
This was also the first Doctor to draw where I didn't have an action figure to use for reference. I don't know why, but I much prefer having a figure to use as reference instead of photographs. I'm not sure why, I guess because I can position it how I want it, and view it from any angle, instead of having to find photographs that are as close to what I want as possible and end up having to compromise between them and my vision.

Two weeks after drawing this, Character Options announced they were releasing a Seventh Doctor figure, exclusive to Forbidden Planet, which will come out mid March.

One Hundred Days - Day Seventy Five

I wanted to see Up for ages. I heard about it in 2008. When it came out in the US in June/July 2009 I thought it was outrageous that we had to wait til October to get it in the UK. Then october came around, and I kept making arrangements to see it with a friend, but she kept cancelling or wasn't free at the time, and then it was too late, I'd missed it. Then February 2010 came around and I finally got my hands on a copy of the DVD. I watched it the first chance I got. It was brilliant, and well worth the wait.
I was so engrossed in it, that I forgot to draw while it was on. As a result I just did a quick sketch after it had finished: Carl Frederickson.

One Hundred Days - Day Seventy Four

I wasn't having a good day today. I was tired, I was headachey, I was coming down with yet another cold, so the classic spacemen made another friend.

One Hundred Days - Day Seventy Three

Here's where Doctor Week kinda fell down. I think I'd been to the pub with Mark and Mary-Anne so I didn't really have time to draw a Doctor, so instead i brought out the classic spacemen for a close encounter that was slightly friendlier than their last.

One Hundred Days - Day Seventy Two

Another Doctor, this time the Sixth. I think this is the best one yet...which is a little annoying as Colin Baker is probably my least favourite Doctor....

One Hundred Days - Day Seventy One

Continuing [kinda] Doctor Week, here is Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor.

One Hundred Days - Day Seventy

Today begins (what was meant to be) Doctor week! I'd put off doing Tom for so long, I decided to get all the Doctors out the way as soon as possible. Here he is at last, the Fourth Doctor.

One Hundred Days - Day Sixty Nine

Capybaras are brilliant. I want one.

One Hundred Days - Day Sixty Eight

I needed something to draw and this demon thing just appeared fully formed in my head. I hope its not trying to work its way through from the other side via me...

One Hundred Days - Day Sixty Seven

While watching Kiki's Delivery Service for the first time, I was inspired to draw a magpie. Although they turned out to be crows in the film....

One Hundred Days - Day Sixty Six

Building up to continuing with my attempt to draw all Eleven Doctors...I warmed up a bit by drawing the Tenth Doctor's hand-in-a-jar.

One Hundred Days - Day Sixty Five

I felt like drawing a ferret today. No idea why. He looks a bit like he's seen something he's mildly annoyed by though...

One Hundred Days - Day Sixty Four

This is meant to be a Triffid. Unfortunately its rubbish and looks nothing like how I pictured it in my head. Never mind.

One Hundred Days - Day Sixty Three

I decided it was about time I did another Random Robot today. Not too bad if I say so myself.

One Hundred Days - Day Sixty Two

Today I spent hours making hundreds of Mini-Matts with the idea of creating a new background for my Twitter page. Unfortunately I still haven't quite got round to putting the background together....


One Hundred Days - Day Sixty One

The mini-Dalek found its first victim today :(

Really pleased with how this came out. It was a really quick job, but quite effective. I just wish I knew why the Lego skeletons have freakishly long arms...

One Hundred Days - Day Sixty

Is a full moon tonight. I love taking photos of the moon. And the moon in general. And all of space. Maybe I should invest in a telescope? Mars was hanging around the moon as well, but unfortunately my camera couldn't pick it up. Curse you 10x optical zoom! you just don't get me close enough!

One Hundred Days - Day Fifty Nine

CYBERMAN! I watched Tomb of the Cybermen today, which is one of my favourite Doctor Who stories and, along with The Moonbase, has my favourite design of Cyberman of all time.